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hey batter batter batter !

as if they made me ride in the trunk with BRAD! EWWWW!

i guess i just suck at rock paper sissors. fuckin mayien, haha.

mayien is cool. i like hanging out with her. shes like that asian chick that has never dranken before, except she has, haha.
brad is just sick. but slowly as much as i dislike him, im begining to feel sorry that EVERYONE else hates him, and he knows it. aww.
dylan is just a rockin guy.
jenny and james are like my new friends, haha. they're so cool.
ross......... i dont really know ross. i just know that when he speaks up, its something stupid but funny.

well thats who i hung out with today. we went to play baseball for the KFC team, haha. it kinda blew cuz we didnt have enough people show up and we had to join with redwood. we were "mc-red" (mcphillips and redwood) ya. somewhere in the middle of the games our name got changed to red lips..... its probably cuz brads so gay. haha.

so i scored 2 home-runs and smashed the pitcher with a ball. (my team-mates were proud)

terry (my boss) wanted our warm-up to be a joint. wow that guy is weird.

i was considering bringing liqour to this shin-dig, but i thought i would be the only one who wants to drink and play baseball. turns out other people would have dranken with me, haha, whatever. we played a fun sober game, haha.

*highlight* dylan throws baseball bat at little kids while triyng to bat. *highlight*

so i like hanging out with these people from kfc. i mean im really comfortable around them all. it makes me not want to quite and find another job. i mean it makes me wanna stop lookin for another one. maybe i dont need another one...... theres nothing that bad about it.

super cool, so its settled. i'll stay at kfc til i just cant take it no more, haha.
I gotta get jiwan to hang out with us. we cant make fun of mayien for being asian forever, we need someone else to bug. jiwan is perfect material for that. and she knows it, haha.

by the way. jeeves, i love the nose ring. (stud looks very good)

ya so im aware im not too bright all the time.

I like that about myself. i like that i can just be free do so stupid things once in a while. its good to let loose a bit
perhaps its something i feel i deserve. (ya that old story)

i really appreciate consern. REALLY! its cool.
i dont really know what im trying to say here.

so hey, stacey, you made me think, haha, anyway obviously....... what did i do? i looked up stuff on the computer, haha.
i dont have a clear opinion, just enjoying the read.

I love that last one. not so much the purpose, but just cuz it sounds like something crystal would say, haha.

ya i really dont intend on those being my "defense", haha, i was just bored. and they all have separate opinions anyway.

ya, im gonna go mellow out infont of my tv. my eyes hurt, haha.

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