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Date:2008-09-11 23:44
Subject:September Update of my life.
Mood: lets face it. Im weird.

Im going to be a vet.
Thats my decision at this point. I dont doubt it. I think I could make an amazing vet.

I mean I think im amazing at everything. But it only means i believe in potential..... (im not conceeded).....much.

I want to own many dogs. Many fish. Some lizards. One bird...... Maybe a hampster. Definately a scorpion...and a snake.

Still think i shouldnt be a vet?

I also love plants. I infact could live in a room entirely covered in vines. Its the color green. I love it. It makes me think of life.

Im sure im like the most hypocritical naturalist i know. It only bothers me a bit. It bothers me that i think.... maybe this isnt how im supose to be, or.... maybe i should not be a hypocrite.

I like being a hypocrite.... dont ask me why. Something about it is attractive to me. (not like im attracted to hypocrites) Im just attracted to that characteristic of myself. I supose i feel better than most people since i get the best of both worlds. I get to say im really into the environment.... then i light up a smoke.

I guess im not really proud of that fact. I just dont want to do anyhting about that situation.

Never blame the nicotine.

I love my fish. I have many. like ummm.... 40.

They dont all have names. My first 6 do. Theres the fancy guppies. M/F... Sully and Dahlia. Theres the .... I actually dont know what they are. i used to know. M/M ... Milo and Not-Milo. Then theres my regular guppies. F/F... Frankie and Claire. (One died though. I feel like shit about it..... cuz i dont know which one it was.) Then from the new baby fish i only named one Male... Morgan. He's my favorite. I havent named the other 33 since i want to get rid of them.... not point getting attatched to them.

When stacey gets her tank. Milo and Not-Milo are gonna be hers. (I bought Milo for her B-day anyway. haha)

I hate working.

I also cut my head on a metal  shelf for lumber. ....    .....     .....  at work.

Im too tired to work.

Did i mention im entirely broke. ...... ya.

I told a guy at work that i have to be humurous... to keep from killing myself.
He laughed like crazy for 3 minutes.
I guess he thought i was kidding.

Another guy at work mentions to me that im comfortable with myself and that i know who i am.
I said to him "I love that you think that." "but its not true"
He stands by his statement.
I stand by mine.

I love The Offspring. They are an inspiration to life. And they make me feel good. Dexter Hollands voice makes me want to scream. I feel the energy of his songs everytime. And i dont have to feel what the words are saying.... cause the feeling is explained in tone.... and i get it. I can instantly relate.

I realised the other day that im weird.
That.... I have 6 holes on my face.
I wear many skirts at once.
Scarfs in the summer.
My hair is Yellow and Orange.
It all came together at once.

This is what I look like to others. And i looked at myself for a while. It hurts that people will never see what i see.

Im beautiful.

If i was reading this as someone elses writting.... I would bitch them out in my mind. I would find so many ways to call bullshit.
But it feels real..... I think im trying not to be fake anymore.

The word try worries me...... it should come naturally, no?

Well school has started.
Fucking School Tomorrow morning.

I should sleep then.


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Date:2008-02-21 22:57
Subject:I dont know what to do anymore. like usual i guess
Mood: cant breathe

I think i might just naturally suck with relationships. not just like boy-girl sexual relationships, like ALL relationships, friends, family. i cant do it.

-I made ellery pissed off at me. well she already was, but now its all in the open and its worse cuz i dont know what to do about it. i just dont understand why i need to keep changing for people to like me, and if theres a line, where do i stop, do i stand up for myself, or do i let go.

-I think i made my cousin mad too. I was trying to get her to see that shes beautiful, and that just because her friends all look at pictures of themselves and talk about all their flaws, it doesnt mean she has to do that too.

-and she signed out of msn, and then signed back in, ignored me, signed out, signed in, ignored me. like wtf. i dont know what to do.

- i think i get anxiety attacks. cuz it hurts in my chest and i cant breathe, and i feel like im trapped in myself and it drives me crazy.

-I wish everyone could just talk about whats wrong and we can all just get better. im sick of all this fucking depression. and maybe i'be been depressed for a while now, but it only makes it worse to hear that ellery is embarrassed of me, and my cousin doesnt like herself, and i cant find my place anywhere.

-I keep fucking up everything i do. i need to not talk maybe, cuz apparently its thinking and speaking that get people to hate me.

-i dont like crying. and i dont like comfort. i want to deal with it on my own. its getting harder and harder to burden myself though.

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Date:2006-11-17 02:02
Subject:been awhile..... since i was on livejournal again
Mood: thought-ful? haha

well now. I wouldnt know where to begin an update.

-going to see the beach boys tomorrow. call me lame all you want, but those guys are fuckin awesome.
-going to see EVANESCENCE in january with stacey. WHOO! that makes me SO fuckin happy.
-going to see billy talent with branden and ellery as brandens present from me, haha.

thats it for concerts.
lets throw a little school situation into the mix.

mid term marks as follows:

-biology: 92%
-math: 60 something%
-english: 60%

ya dont worry, im trying to improve in those last 2.

biology university class:

-first exam, got 2nd highest in the class....... with a fuckin C PLUS. hahaha.
-second exam, have yet to get the mark... but i think i did better. *shrugs*
-thrid exam, better get good on it..... its in dec though, so i have time.
-gotta start writting my paper soon. im gonna do it on stem cell research.
-too many people are gonna drop. fucking crazy people.

so my chest really hurts i dont know if its just the way im lying down right now but oww.

my hair is going to be purple and green soon, so that makes me happy.

goodnight ya'll!

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Date:2006-10-18 17:49

- Pick your birth month.
- Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you.
- Bold the five-ten that best apply to you.
- Copy to your own journal, with all twelve months under a lj-cut

Attractive personality. Sexy. Affectionate. Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented. Loves special things. Moody

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Date:2006-10-14 23:37
Mood: shady (hee hee)

well now. im tired.

not preped well for school. kinda makes me sad. but whatever, i'll work harder later. haha.

spending alot of time with ellery lately

which IS a good thing. haha. shes like maybe the ONLY friend i have that is totally un-judgmental. toward me, haha not others. It just so much easier to be myself around ellery than some people. and tons of fun. good or bad fun. (i know what you thinking tiff, but there isnt any sex.)

so thanksgiving was fun.

sun dinner at my aunts with ellery, haha.

highlight - running away from my cousins to have a sweet. haha we just bolted hahaha.

sidenote - dont slam the door, they'll think someone is breaking in and chase you down the street, HAHA.

thanksgiving mon. at brad & evelyns house

highlight - driving around selkirk with my cousin and his friend looking for a drug dealer, haha. good times brad. cant wait til im 18, we are totally partying hardcore.


got my nails done on tues. w/ ellery

highlight - HAHAHA DOLLARAMA. FUCK ELLERY, haha i laughed for days man.

sidenote - my nails are black with white & silver flowers..... sexy man

cruisin with calvin and ellery tonight

highlight - haha dancing and pointing at people we dont know, getting them to dance with us, HAHAHA.

sidenote - jack daniels tastes pretty good with tim hortons ice caps, hahaha.

well im gonna chill. movie night tomorrow! haha.

note to stacey: yo.... give me a call. let me know when your not busy, cuz ya know if you prolong seeing me this long, you may never end up seeing me....... moral of the story = dont you love me? haha. i mean its gonna go on 2 months where i havent seen you and thats really not cool in my eyes. haha ALL this week im not working. thats right. from tonight to thurs. cuz i work 6-9 on fri, so ya know anyother time. actually, on mon and wed im at maples school between 4 and 6 so im pretty close to you those days, haha. let me know? ok

p.s. did i tell you my hair is red now? haha again. it was red for a while like the last time i talked to you on the phone, but i forgot to tell you.


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Date:2006-10-05 16:09
Mood: i was cold

i dont like death. I make it seem like i deal with it well, but i dont. Inside i really cant take it. i dont like it, and becuase i dont understand it, it just makes it THAT much harder for me to believe its really happening.

My aunt mary just died 2 days ago. we knew she was going but..... i dont just dont know how to explain it.
shes my great aunt actually (my moms aunt) but i never bothered getting technical about the relation. If i dont think about it then its like it didnt happen..... but i hate when it just crosses my mind for that one second, that i can never see her again. and then at that time, almost simultaneously i get a rush of questions in my mind. like why? it drives me crazy and i try NOT to think about it.... what do people do to be ok with death? often people talk about what a good person they were. talk about the good times they had with them. thats what my family used to do when curly died.... but to be honest, i've ALWAYS hated doing that. it only made me more upset that people would say things like that, as if it were ok...... cause its NOT ok, their DEAD and it sucks and i dont know what to do about it!

then i realize theres nothing i CAN do about it. but this doesnt follow my usual.... "anylize until it makes sense and you can understand it" rule, cuz that doesnt make me feel better. it just makes me more and more lost in my mind.

who remembers when tiff upset me at stacy's b-day party? that was the last time i've cryed until now.

I hugged her. before we left the hospital, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. she was SO alright with dying, i just didnt understand how. she wanted everyone to have a beer with her..... there wasnt enough time. the cancer spead WAY too fast, but i think we're still going to drink to her like she wanted at the funeral. Im not looking forward to how much im going to cry at the funeral. and other people crying is only going to make me cry more. *inhales* ......................*exhales*


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Date:2006-09-25 08:17
Mood: draw the world

sept 15th/2006 -last time i posted in lj, but only to say happy b-day.

sept.4th/2006 - last time i actually posted about my life.

thats not THAT long ago, i figured it would have been longer, but whatever.
highlights of this month:

-dropped spanish class
-got 95% on my first bio quiz
-missed a few days of school (including a test in math) due to sickness *cough*
-become VERY comfortable, haha. like within myself, and how i act, and the things that i do.
-had a good bike ride with no brakes on my bike
-bought like 7 pairs of fuckin wicked socks, god i love socks.
-GOT MY LIGHTER FIXED!!! i went to O'calcautta, and asked how to change the wick, so for a dollar something (the price of the wick) the guy just changed it for me, and re-filled it with lighter fluid. the flame is SO BIG!, it makes me so happy.
-ellery rocks my mother fuckin world, haha.
-went to hooters. had wings and TITTIES!!! haha.
-got served alcohol no questions asked and ripped the chick off by 10 wings..... dumb blonde, haha.
-partied hard with ellery, haha it was a good night..... i smoke too much (not that kinda of smoking)
-BACKSEAT DANCING! FUCK YA! wow we were just givin'er hard back there. that was single-handedly the best/longest feeling car ride ever. it just went on and on. it should have been longer. "run along with captin jack -----BLOW MY WHISTLE BITCH!"

well i gtg to school now. haha but future stuff to be awesome

-ellery's b-day. hooters/bomber game/bon fire at her place WOOT!


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Date:2006-09-15 17:21


your seventeen right? haha aww im so out of touch.


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Date:2006-09-04 13:17
Subject:september long weekend
Mood: nutz

I love lilac. haha. i bought a tank top, yay!

I didnt drink alot. mostly cuz im a loser and i cant drink without peer pressure edging me on. so we all go back to school ill, YAY!

its such a good atmosphere. all the sun and swimming and im all nicely tanned, on my stomach too.

I very much enjoyed myself and cant wait til i do it many times next summer. haha.

im not looking forward to going to work on wed. (first day of school then 4-11 at work, boo)

I cant wait to dye my hair blue and pink, its gonna make me extremely happy.

my mom made me VERY happy by telling me that we should definately go get tattoos together (she was drinking so i dont know)
she said that she was serious, but like i said (she was drinking)
I definately wont push that. but if i can, then WHOO!

I sang. kareoke (spl) I sang evanescence and my family patronizes me, haha. (oh god they have the video still)

well see ya'll at school. I cant wait. i need something to focus on, im too everywhere..... mentally.

-----------Krystal P. Lent

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Date:2006-08-23 20:15
Subject:hey batter batter batter !
Mood: blah!

as if they made me ride in the trunk with BRAD! EWWWW!

i guess i just suck at rock paper sissors. fuckin mayien, haha.

mayien is cool. i like hanging out with her. shes like that asian chick that has never dranken before, except she has, haha.
brad is just sick. but slowly as much as i dislike him, im begining to feel sorry that EVERYONE else hates him, and he knows it. aww.
dylan is just a rockin guy.
jenny and james are like my new friends, haha. they're so cool.
ross......... i dont really know ross. i just know that when he speaks up, its something stupid but funny.

well thats who i hung out with today. we went to play baseball for the KFC team, haha. it kinda blew cuz we didnt have enough people show up and we had to join with redwood. we were "mc-red" (mcphillips and redwood) ya. somewhere in the middle of the games our name got changed to red lips..... its probably cuz brads so gay. haha.

so i scored 2 home-runs and smashed the pitcher with a ball. (my team-mates were proud)

terry (my boss) wanted our warm-up to be a joint. wow that guy is weird.

i was considering bringing liqour to this shin-dig, but i thought i would be the only one who wants to drink and play baseball. turns out other people would have dranken with me, haha, whatever. we played a fun sober game, haha.

*highlight* dylan throws baseball bat at little kids while triyng to bat. *highlight*

so i like hanging out with these people from kfc. i mean im really comfortable around them all. it makes me not want to quite and find another job. i mean it makes me wanna stop lookin for another one. maybe i dont need another one...... theres nothing that bad about it.

super cool, so its settled. i'll stay at kfc til i just cant take it no more, haha.
I gotta get jiwan to hang out with us. we cant make fun of mayien for being asian forever, we need someone else to bug. jiwan is perfect material for that. and she knows it, haha.

by the way. jeeves, i love the nose ring. (stud looks very good)


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Date:2006-08-23 00:02

*waves hands in the air*

*waves at ellery*

ellery: "PARTY!!! WHOO"

*looks away from ellery*

so to the people that might have heard from andrew (*coughs*crazy bastard*cough*) im having like a get together on sun. this sun. so whoever you are, you know your invited. i wanna have it on my deck. so umm pool party? i dont know. i'll talk to ya.

ellerys sick. she smells. like flowers

Ellery says: krystal is a weenier.

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Date:2006-08-18 23:12
Subject:party party party.
Mood: night night

kay, so.
awesome party tomorrow night, haha. im going to a "staff party" at my bosses friends house, its gonna be super cool. we're camping out in tents in his yard. drinking, ALOT of drinking, eating, drinking, more eating, bon fire. then some more drinking, haha.

i better get some sleep tonight.... i know i wont get any tomorow night.


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Date:2006-08-13 16:40
Mood: splash

ya umm thats was a bundle of fun. i gtg do laundry now.

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Date:2006-08-09 13:23
Subject:back to the job hunting?
Mood: nutz.

I dont WANT to leave KFC, i love the people, which im sure i've mentioned before, but holy shit, everyone is quitting and despite the people that rock there.... i think i need to move on.

I got an interview at ardenes FINALLY! haha. people are thinking right now, "so? whats so great about that?" well nothings that great about it, i just wanted to work there ever since i was forced to find a job, haha. so yay!

its today at like 3:00/3:30, which is funny cuz i have to be at work by 4, haha. (and i have to skateboard) whatever, i can be late, haha.

i think if i DO get the job.... im going to keep kfc too. mostly cuz i dont think ardenes is going to give good enough hours for me, but whatever, i dont wanna get my hopes up, haha. i give advice to people like tiff not to get their hopes up about jobs... i shouldnt either.

note to tiff: haha im begining to really love that indian song. your making me wanna get drunk and dance. which i havent done in a while.

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Date:2006-08-04 16:55
Mood: as long as im singing!

HAHAHAHA. ok im done.

BYE! --------krystal

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Date:2006-08-03 13:18
Subject:the 6 things bout you

i dont want to write 6 random things about myself.

so i apolgise if i was "tagged" (twice actually) i just dont have anyting anyone needs to hear about me.

I've newly experienced how much i love system of a down.

its my day off. and im stuck in the house with my brother. *sigh* i wanna go out. and just have fun with friends or something. i think i'll go get dressed up..... maybe someone will call, haha. i'll go do my hair now.


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Date:2006-08-02 17:16
Mood: down. but looking up.

I feel like limiting the people around me to only the ones who make me feel good inside.

I've felt good around my family lately. sure they yell and some are annoying and frustrating, but i really dont want to spend time with any one else. and as mean as they are to me at time, i love and respect them for letting me just be myself.

I love my friends.

I miss ellery already, i think she should come back already so we can out biking or something.... stacey you should come.

I got a new jacket, it makes me happy and makes me feel very comfortable.
when i was a child i would always tell people how i felt.

so i got a tack in my foot. owch.

I wish people found me to be more helpful. i mean its what i used to be good at with friends.... i was always a peacemaker, and now people dont ever want to talk to me. i mean i know i dont talk to others, but im not THAT bad of a listener, am i? I guess im too insensitive, and i DONT NEED to cry about shit all the time.

so im sorry.

and i dont want to do drugs. I may be facinated by them but im not stupid. stacey? can i start over and be friend #5? haha. if that could count for something.

i like looking the way i do, but it doesnt mean i have to act the way i look. I feel like prooving the world wrong. and thats what i've always wanted to do; let everyone know that someone with intelligence can look the way i do. i dont have to be a nerd, haha. *cough*ariel*cough* haha joking.

people are too full of everything. full of emotion, full of pain, full of hate, full of love, full of problems, full of confusion, full of anger, full of lies,  full of shit. you'd think with all the fuckin talking and one on one counselling and just letting out that people would unfill, and let go, and move on, and fuck, i dont even know what to say.

i feel like i know nothing. everyone is living these lives that consist of all this emotion and its normal?? it doesnt feel normal to me. i mean emotion is fine, but the fixation on the bad parts of life.... why is that normal? im just so totally lost in this subject.

P.S. dont worry, im aware of the hypocricy of my entry.

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Date:2006-07-29 21:39
Mood: ooo la la


today i worked 8:30 til 5.... but not really til 5, cuz i got my boss to let me off at 4.
I've felt like an extremely productive person lately.... it doesnt show extremely, i just feel that great, haha.

example: I've started cleaning my room. not just cleaning, trashing. im getting rid of every little piece of shit that i save for god knows what reason. I have a full garbage bag of just clothes alone... i didnt even move onto all the useless crap in my mirror dresser. I found out that i have a closet. (for those of you who knew what it looked like, then what it became... guess what. its a closet again) My clothes are folded in my drawers. I have crap everywhere... i mean EVERYWHERE, but its only a start and each day i do a little more. Its beginning to look like a bedroom. haha.

so even my family feels productive. after my dads last angry lashing on our family, he apologised to us all about his "mood" at the time, which by the way felt so weird cuz i dont think i've ever heard a sincere apology from that man, or even a lying one for that matter. but we seems to be nicer to eachother. that usually happens. it feels different though, like it might last or something. i havent seen my mom in a while.. and i wont until mon night, haha. our work schedule collide in a way that i dont get to see her. maybe breif moments.

well i gotta run. sopranos is on and im madly in love with christopher as you all know.

bye ------| krystal |--------

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Date:2006-07-27 17:37
Mood: good.

so. back to school soon.
I feel like i havent slept in a while when really i've been sleeping good.
As much as i REALLY dont want to be back in school, i cant wait to go back.

Dear God:  Please dont let parties stop me from being a good student.

why do i feel like they will?
just stay barricaded in your house and study krystal.

who am i kidding. its not partying that'll distract me, its my laziness. and procrastination.
when school starts, someone can phone me every day and tell me to do all homework for that day, and even the next day, to stay ahead.



with the risk that this might sound prissy im just going to say it

i own too many clothes... i mean really. i was cleaning and i realized that i cant fit all my clothes in my drawers. so maybe i understand why my mom tells me to stop buying clothes. i dont even want to buy clothes anymore. i think i reached a good (large) amount of clothes that i can switch around from day to day to look like i change my clothes, haha.

i can NOT paint nails.... im defective in every way at painting nails... but im proud of myself, i've been bite free for quite a while. i still pick at them, but i havent biten my entire nail off, cuz their GROWING! thats right, krystal pearl lent has nails! real ones!

so i wanna dye my hair again, but the more i think about it, i think "hey why not just wait until before school starts, cuz im gonna wanna dye it then too" i dont know, i guess i'll just wait. new plan. bleach blonde again, green all in the back and some pink streaks in the front. if i cant look like bubble gum (pink and blue) i will look like watermelon!

i cant wait until my lips stop hurting and are done healing. then i can change the rings and AHH, im so excited.

ok so im going to start working more. half the summer is gone and im actually below the limit of money i started with at the end of school. its not good. i NEED to get up to 2 grand. i just need to. (i dont see it happening)  but if i dont spend ANYTHING, like maybe set a limit of $10 a week or something. that i can do it right? well tomorrows pay check isnt going to be good AT ALL, or even the next one for that matter, and if you think about it, that only leaves one more paycheck til the beginning of school. hmmm.... heres hoping its good.

im tired, and wanna find something better and less irritating to the eyes to do. so bye!

---------| krystal |---------

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Date:2006-07-21 19:57
Subject:so bored
Mood: ready to eat away the time

i know its a common saying but im SO bored, haha. im willing to do anything (dont take that the wrong way)

so ya, i got my lip pierced, so im EXTREMELY happy! good and bad things about having them for 24 hours now.


-i like the way the rings feel on my teeth
-i like pusing them back and forth from side to side
-metal permanently in your skin in just neat feeling.
-I LOVE CHAMOMILE TEA, so its soothing. i made tea ice cubes.
-eating things is such an adventure. i actually think i'll eat right now its so fun.
-the metal scraps on the fork when im eating. i like the sound. it annoys the hell out of everyone.
-im very good with my cleaning of it, so YAY!
-i can still talk perfectly fine.


-it hurt alot more than i was told it would. OWCH! haha
-its sore and swollen right now, so it looks crooked. one is sticking out and the other is good.
-the right side hurts more which makes me forget that i even have one on the left. then i end up hitting the left one and making it hurt, haha.
-i've already gotten family to roll their eyes, and i have to visist my grandma and other relatives soon (this weekend)
-my lips are getting REALLY chapped, haha and dry. i guess i dont lick my lips as often.

so, back to my bored-ness. i just keep thinking to myself, why cant it be 10:00 and i could be watching the sopranos. then at 11:15 going to bed, and looking forward to camping tomorrow. but i just have nothing to do right now. and it makes me want to eat, like eat alot, haha, cuz thats what i feel like doing when i have nothing to do. maybe i'll make some grilled-cheese sandwiches. i've been craving those all day, haha.

one hour and forty minutes till SOPRANOS! just have to wait it out.


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